THANNER Stabilschuhe

The Multi-Talents

Stability shoes, Paralysis boots, Achilles tendon relief shoes

The all-rounders were developed in collaboration with:
Dr. med. André Morawe, Head Physician at the Orthoparc Clinic for Orthopaedics in Cologne (
Dr. med. Michael Pausch, Senior Physician at the Clinic for Accident, Hand and Orthopaedic Surgery at the Circle Clinical Center Siegen (

Stability shoes, Paralysis boots and Achilles tendon foot relief shoes
Medical aid number in Germany:
Stability shoes (Outdoor):
Paralysis boots (Outdoor):
Achilles tendon foot relief shoes:
(Safety shoes are excluding)

Stable shoe medical indications:

    • Treatment of post-operative and conservatively treated capsular ligament lesions of the ankle joint
    • Certain bone injuries of the ankle joint and foot (stress fractures)
    • Chronic capsular ligament insufficiency
    • Stiffening of still partly movable ankle joints in case of post-traumatic, infectious, osteo-necrotic or possibly postoperative conditions in the ankle joint or in the area of the tarsus
    • Stabilisation, in particular of the heel (fracture of the calcaneus bone)
    • Immobilising in the area of the tarsus and metatarsus
    • After-care of fractures and arthrodeses

Paralysis boot medical indications:

    • Condition after stroke
    • Flaccid paralysis
    • Spastic paralysis

Achilles tendon foot relief shoe medical indications:

    • Early functional therapy of the rupture of the Achilles tendon after operative or conservative treatment.
    • Post-treatment of fractures and arthrodesis in the zone between the tarsus and distal lower leg.
    • Compensating for muscular weaknesses such as paralysis of the lower leg and foot.


Clinically tested
CE marking
Custom-made shoes possible

12 stable shoes, 2 of them safety shoes
 9 paralysis boots, 1 of them safety shoe
2 achilles tendon foot relief shoes and 2 compensation shoes

Sizes: 36 to 48
5 widths (SS, S, M, W, WW)

Sizes: 38 to 49/51/53

Achilles tendon foot relief shoes:
Sizes: 39 to 48
5 widths (SS, S, M, W, WW)


THANNER Stabilschuhe THANNER Stabilschuhe

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