Custom-made Orthopaedic Shoes

The shoe, according to a philosophical interpretation, is the connecting but also the separating element between man and the earth from which they come and above which they try to lift themselves. The shoe is also something which can provide information about the social and cultural self-image of people in different times and countries.

Some feet want or have to be clothed in custom-made shoes. These custom-made shoes are made by orthopaedic shoemakers. These should protect, correct and clothe the feet. Until a few years ago, custom-made orthopaedic shoes were only made from black or brown box calf leather (calfskin leather). Today these shoes can be made in all fashionable, up-to-date colours and types of leather.

THANNER has been producing leather uppers and custom-made shoes for over 80 years. As we have specialised in this area, we can fulfil almost every customer wish: Regardless of whether rambling shoes, sandals, shoes, boots or slippers!

THANNER only uses leather which is contaminant tested for its standard leather products.

Procedure in Germany:
Custom-made orthopaedic shoes can only be prescribed by a specialist doctor, if a medical need exists. You take the prescription to your orthopaedic shoemaker or orthopaedic technician (who employs a master orthopaedic shoemaker). They measure your feet and draw up a provisional cost estimate.

Following approval by the health insurance company/body paying the costs, your shoe is made. You yourself only have to make a small contribution towards the costs.

You are entitled to an initial fitout of 1 pair of walking shoes, 1 pair to change into and 1 pair of slippers. The wearing period of 1 pair of walking shoes is 2 years and of slippers is 4 years.

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