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1927 Company founder August THANNER moves from Kempten to Höchstädt and takes over a shoe shop with workshop in Dillinger Straße.
1936 A branch is opened in Lauingen. Apart from shoe retail, the company also starts to produce custom-made footwear.
1945 His son Arthur THANNER does his apprenticeship as a shoemaker in his parent's business.
1948 New building in Bahnhofstraße Höchstädt. Apart from the retail shoe trade, 16 employees now work in the workshop for the production of double hand-stitched mountain and skiing footwear.
1957 Arthur Thanner becomes CEO after obtaining his master craftman's diploma.
1962 An annex and extension is built in Bahnhofstraße.
1974 Production of shoe uppers for orthopaedic footwear begins.
1978 Disposal of the retail business and full concentration on the production of uppers.
1979 11 employees work on uppers production.
1980 The premises in Bahnhofstraße become too small, which is why a new, 800 m² production building is built at Am Fallenweg 30, Höchstädt. During this time, the business has 16 employees.
1991 The next extension of the business premises by 600 m² to 1,400 m² is necessary. In the meantime, the number of employees rises to 40.
1994 Arthur and Gerlinde THANNER hands over management of the business to their daughter Nicola THANNER and her husband, Master Orthopaedic Shoemaker Dieter Kipfelsberger.
1995 Start-up of a department for the production of special footwear for diabetics.
1997 Due to the large number of products and premises which have again become too cramped, the building is again extended to 3,200 m².
2000 Construction of a new warehouse with 500 m² floor area.
2003 200 m² extension is added to the main building. Number of employees increases to 140.
2009 Acquisition of the adjacent property with 1,000 m² building, into which the lasting is moved. 5,000 m² production and storage space is now available.
2013 Building extension for the lasting with 400 m².
2015 Extension of the main building by 2,200 m² and redesign of the reception area.
2023 Extension of warehouse by 500 m²
Today With 240 employees, THANNER is optimally equipped for the future.
THANNER_August_s Thanner

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