The intelligent partly lasted orthopaedic footwear range for ladies an men


Partly lasted orthopaedic outdoor- and sportshoes for ladies and men
Type examinated partly lasted orthopaedic safety- and occupational footwear for men according DIN EN 20344:2012, 20345:2012 und 20347:2012

Clinically tested
CE marking
84 outdoor shoes for ladies and men in 5 widths (SS, S, M, W, WW)
27 sports shoes for ladies and men in 5 widths (SS, S, M, W, WW)
7   safety shoes Work Stabilus® S1P/S3
27 safety shoes Work THANNER S2/S3 (also available in version O2/O3)
4   safety shoes Work THANNER S1 (also available in version S1P/O1/O1P)
5   safety shoes Work-Dia THANNER over kit Securion® L with extra big aluminium toe-cap and diabetics lining Diasoft-3D
1   safety shoe Work-THANNER for roofers, model Dachdecker S2P
6   test shoes
Inserts for outdoor-, sports- and safety shoes as fast and easy solution
Insert covers
Ankle counters
Custom made shoes possible
in Germany partly lasted orthopaedic special shoes can be settled by the DGUV Contract

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